August 12, 2015

“When it comes to badminton, I really like the game a lot. I play twice a week socially. The only problem is I’m not really that good at it. I’m above 40, didn’t have basic training, poor footwork and lousy understanding of the game. Then for a year, I had tennis elbow on and off; doctors and therapists couldn’t help much other than advising me to play less. It came to a point in time when I decided I need proper coaching to change the way I play because I wish to continue playing this game for at least the next 20 years.

I somehow had the luck to meet Daniel, who was understanding enough and willing to take me in as an adult student after seeing how much I like the game. It also helped that coincidentally he had another adult student under his wing for more than 2 years. So he trains me with the other guy, and a few other young students (below 12 years old). So both the other guy and me stick out like a couple of oldies during the training sessions.

After noticing how ingrained my bad habits were, he proposed a series of small workouts for me to gradually fix a problem. The approach was refreshing as he would try to use various methods to first explain the problem first and then the proposed a series of mini workouts. The mini workouts good because I only needed to focus on one small thing at a time and this made a difference over time and gradually. Main message to me was to be patient as it could take maybe a year or two to change the way I play. So it was resolving the footwork problem first, then after observing some improvements, we moved on to some basic strokes, a bit of wristwork and rotation in doubles play. So how did I know I improved? Basically my tennis elbow problem disappeared after 4 weeks after some small improvement in my footwork. Sounds weird, huh? I started retrieving front shots more consistently, got into positions quicker and slightly more relaxed in my game play.

Not only his teaching methods are good, I also like how he connects with his young students. He is patient, funny and you can really see that his students like him. There will be times when he feels that his students are not performing to mark. This is when he will conduct some pep talk sessions to inspire them to train harder. And guess what! My 2 kids are training with his assistant coaches too and hopefully they will get to train with him one day.

It’s now my 5th month of training with him now. There is still much room for improvement for me. The other guy and me still stick out like oldies among the young students but who cares. I am enjoying the game more now. And I hope I can give some good matches to some of the guys in my group one day.

6 Aug 2015″

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