March 21, 2021

“My daughter trained with Coach Erik in P4 and P5, and would have continued in P6 if not for the COVID19 Circuit Breaker.  In the two plus years with Coach Erik, I could see my daughter’s badminton fundamentals strengthening. My daughter was also able to develop a keen understanding of badminton tactics. In P4 she played doubles in her primary school team. She improved steadily under Coach Erik and in P6 she was selected to play singles.

This is testimony to Coach Erik’s qualities as a coach. Coach Erik is well versed in both the fundamentals and the finer, sharper aspects of the game. He is able to appreciate his students’ strengths and weaknesses, and explain concepts in ways that maximises learning. He patiently and meticulously concocts drills to draw out particular points of learning. He is also a caring coach who shows concern and attended some of my daughter’s matches to monitor her progress.
I have also watched Coach Erik in action coaching children of various personalities. He is able to adapt his teaching technique to motivate different type of students.

Thank you Coach Erik.

Mr Tng”

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