June 17, 2015

“Joining the badminton school team is probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Not only did I have a great experience representing the school in the tournaments, my knowledge for badminton had grown and my character had changed for the better, all thanks to my coach.

When I just joined, my priority was on winning everybody so I could be the top, but over the years of training and tournaments, I’ve learnt that not everything is about the result. My character and the way I act plays a important role in growing up. I used to be a doubles player, and that taught me a lot about teamwork. It’s so important, you need to work well with your peers, friends in order to be successful.

Being a captain of the team made me very responsible, and I’m glad the coaches trust me with the assignments.

Whether I am the best or not, I could never be more proud than being a team member of the Badminton Team.

Shao Yuxuan , 28 Feb 2014″

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