July 17, 2015

“Time has flown by in a twinkling of an eye and my 6 years of primary school education in RGPS is over. I am grateful for the leadership opportunities which you had provided me while I was with the badminton school team, especially your recommendation for the Perth Student Leadershipment trip last year. I am indeed honored and privileged to have represented the school in the south zone and national competitions in the 4 years that I was with the team. THANK YOU too for writing a testimonial for me to support my DSA (i.e. Direct School Admission) applications and am happy to have been given confirmed offers for RGS and NYGH. Even as I decide to move on to RGS, I will be back next year to visit you and the badminton school team! I wish you and the school team great success and achievement in the years to come!

With Love & Gratitude,
Ashley Lee
6E Class of 2014″

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