November 25, 2015

“My girl was exposed to badminton in later Primary 2. This was during her school team selection for badminton in 2011. In 2012, she started her trainings with Daniel in her school when she was in Primary 3 since then it changed her completely.

My girl has showed great interest in badminton since then and became passionate over it. I will attribute her positive growth and development to badminton and Daniel. I will say she is now driven and self-directed. Of course, all these do not come over night. It is through hard work and commitment.

Daniel proves to be a very qualified coach with high level of professionalism. What makes him unique is that he provides coaching lessons tailored to each individual/child. Since my girl took the coaching lessons with him, I see great improvement in not only her skills and her level of confidence in badminton and most importantly outside of the badminton environment. This has really helps to enlarge her social circles both in and out of school to allow her learn how to handles different situations and high pressure environment.

Daniel’s coaching inspired not only my girl but the whole family. Daniel is a fantastic coach who not only knows how to motivate and push the girls but also knowing their limits. He has encouraged my girl throughout all her lessons with him which made her feel good and more determined to play better and do well in whatever she do in her life.

My girl will never complain that she is tired whenever it comes to badminton. In fact, it is never enough for her.

Thank you, Daniel for injecting so much valuable lessons that my girl cannot learn from a class room setting. You have really motivated and taught her to be a better person inside out.

Once again a BIG THANK YOU to you and your team of coaches.


Winnie Chua ,¬†Mother of Kennise ANG (RGPS)”

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