November 23, 2015

“Coach Daniel taught my daughter from the time she first raise her racket. It is simply exhilarating to see her remarkable improvement within three years with her exceptional demonstration of skill set and vigour to succeed, and is now ranked among the top players of her age!

She was selected for both the JSA (Junior Sports Academy) and the yonex program at the Singapore Sports School. All China coaches who have seen her play are full of praises for her perfect footwork and impeccable fine stroke play.  Actually, it is sheer pleasure for me whenever I see her play and three-hour trainings just whizzes pass so quickly.

Coach Daniel has gone a step further to impart secondary school skill sets to her that differentiated her very well from other good players.  She is highly sought after through DSA, and we really would like to thank Coach Daniel for his detail and decisive coaching to bring my daughter this far.  She has higher dreams now.

Great Hopes to see her fly in the international arena soon. Well done, coach, within such a short time frame, and thank you for all your patience and determination to bring up our strong-willed child. She has improved tremendously in her badminton and studies.

My daughter has excelled and is also highly sought after in the IP programs. Her focus in sports has catapulted her academic results. And I am certainly smiling and cruising through her PSLE, this year. Kudos, Coach Daniel!

Sin-Min, Hsu”

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