Badminton Training & Classes Highlights

Badminton Training Highlights

BE a Champ Badminton Academy is a badminton training centre based in Singapore. We have expertise in innovative coaching that brings the best from the players. We provide structured Badminton classes in Singapore for players of all age groups and play levels. Our full-time coaches are committed and passionate professionals who seek to develop and improve each and every player’s potential.

Badminton Classes

Our badminton lessons are designed in such a way that you will get a fun learning experience. Our badminton courses are conducted in an inviting atmosphere that establish one-on-one attention between coach and students. Under the guidance of our coaches, many of our students have achieved excellent results in nationwide tournaments, Inter-School tournaments and other tournaments organized by community centers in and around Singapore. We strongly believe in teaching the core values of sports to our students because Skills help you to win medals but attitude helps you to win hearts. We nurture good sportsmanship that will win both.

Singapore Badminton Training

We have systematic training through which we strive hard to make interactive training sessions and, fun-learning environment .Students can interact with players within own training centre and even from other training centres too. Friendly events and tournaments are being conducted occasionally so that students get exposed to different kinds of play and players.

For students of beginner stage, we seek to teach strong fundamentals of the badminton game. We give practice on the basics of badminton strokes and footwork .Focus is given mainly on posture, contact points and timings etc. Students take part in competitions only for getting exposure and experience.

For students of intermediate stage, we teach basic strategies and tactics of a badminton game. Students are made to bring up their physical fitness to cope up with the increasing demands in a competitions. Students are made to develop their own unique playing style during this phase. Students take part in competitions to get exposure on different playing styles.

For students of advance stage, we teach advanced strokes and in-depth strategies that sharpen their skills on the competitive edge. We give extensive training to improve physical fitness and other essential aspects like agility, power and reflexes. Students are made to take part in competitions as we strongly believe that getting competition exposure is the important stage which gives students the overall game that cannot be taught through training.